Our unique 24/7 access gym facility on the North Coast of Cornwall was born out of our passion to provide a first-class health and fitness facility. Our vision is not only to provide you with a state-of-the-art gym with brand new equipment, but most importantly, a place where anyone can come and feel at ease.  You might be someone who is; - brand new to exercise, has had a break from fitness and needs some guidance, is anxious about normal gym settings, or already confident in your training – no matter what your goal or reason is, we have something for you.

Our dream is to create a welcoming social hub for you to be part of. 

Our select setting at Hawksfield offers friendly advice and guidance whatever your fitness level. Our classes aim to cater for all requirements, ranging from beginners to advanced.  We have designed a unique outside training area, which can be used at any time for your own individual training, personal training sessions and for taking part in group classes too. 

Our aim is to promote confidence for you to work towards your own ability, fitness and wellness.  As a team we are passionate not just about fitness, but your personal wellbeing. Your goals might not be purely fitness driven, but instead a step towards improving your mental health, working on self-confidence, or to simply provide a moment of ‘you time’ into a busy life schedule - step by step we will be here to guide you.